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Valex elastomer pads have benn specifically developed for elastic laying of crane rails. The Valex elastomer pad, when used jointly with the clips of the Valex series, reduces significantly stress and wear of the rail and of the mechanical components of the crane. It helps to achieve an even distribution of the load of the wheels on the supporting structure.

The use of the elastomer pad is suggested above all in the following situations:

  • the rails are subject to heavy working conditions;

  • the rails are subject to high vertical and, or lateral wheels stress;

  • the rails are operating in extreme weather conditions;

  • noise and vibrations shall be reduced to the minimum.

elastomer PAD for crane rails VALEX IT

A [mm]B [mm]C [mm]VALEX IT
S 7256550VALEX IT-045-6
S 10327058VALEX IT-055-6
S 14388070VALEX IT-065-6
S 18439382VALEX IT-075-6
S 204410082VALEX IT-085-6
S 245311590VALEX IT-085-6
25 Kg/m5011590VALEX IT-085-6
S 26 - 26 AFNOR50110100VALEX IT-095-6
27 Kg/m5012095VALEX IT-090-6
30 AFNOR58,6125,5106VALEX IT-100-6
S 3060,3108108VALEX IT-100-6
S 3358134105VALEX IT-100-6
36 UNI 314160130100VALEX IT-095-6
46 UNI 314165145135VALEX IT-120-6
49 E5 (S)67149125VALEX IT-120-6
50 E5 (UIC)67148135VALEX IT-120-6
54 E5 (UIC)72,2159140VALEX IT-120-6
60 E1 (UIC)72172150VALEX IT-146-6
A 454555125VALEX IT-120-6
A 555565150VALEX IT-146-6
A 656575175VALEX IT-170-6
A 757585200VALEX IT-195-6
A 10010095200VALEX IT-195-6
A 120120105220VALEX IT-210-6
A 150150150220VALEX IT-210-6
MRS 87A101,6152,4152,4VALEX IT-146-6
MRS 125120180180VALEX IT-170-6
CR 73100135140VALEX IT-120-6
CR 100120150155VALEX IT-146-6
CR 10463,5127127VALEX IT-120-6
CR 10565131,7131,7VALEX IT-120-6
CR 13587,3146131,7VALEX IT-120-6
CR 171109,2152,4152,4VALEX IT-146-6
CR 175102,4152,4152,4VALEX IT-146-6

Technical specifications

The VALEX IT pad:

  • is manufactured with stress and wear resistant synthetic elastomer;

  • fully incorporates a special steel plate which makes the pad transversally rigid, consequently, even in the most extreme operating conditions, the pad does not misplace laterally;

  • is not demaged by oil, grease, ozone and by the exposure to ultra-violet rays;

  • reduce significantly noise and vibrations;

  • greatly reduces load concentrations and fatigue stress;

  • eliminates uneven contacts between rails and the support structure;

  • protects the crane mechanical components and reduces the wear of wheels, bearings and axles.

Technical and physical specifications of the elostomer

  • hardness: 75° +/-5 Shore A Din 53505

  • tensile strength: 16 N/ mmq Din 53505

  • extension: 300% Din 53505

  • permanent deformation: 5% (max.) A 23°C

  • working temperature: -30° to 130°C

  • noise reduction: 10% DbA

  • vibration reduction: among 40 et 45%

  • ultimate tensile stress: 120Kg/cm2
  • lengths available: 6/12 m

Assembling instructions

Before laying the pad, the supporting area shall be clean and free of oil, grease and every just or unevenness, which could damage the pad.

Peso / Weight / Poids (Kg)VALEX IFDE
0,50VALEX IT-045-6456
0,60VALEX IT 055-6556
0,70VALEX IT-065-6656
0,75VALEX IT-075-6756
0,80VALEX IT-085-6856
0,85VALEX IT-090-6906
0,90VALEX IT-095-6956
0,95VALEX IT-100-61006
1,10VALEX IT-120-61206
1,30VALEX IT-146-61466
1,40VALEX IT-170-61706
1,50VALEX IT-195-61956
1,70VALEX IT-210-62106
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