Clips are the main components, along with Pads, Sole-Base Plates & Foundation Bolts which bond the rail to a steel or concrete base. They are also defined fastening systems.

The choice of the type of clips, either for crane rails, railway and light (Decauville) rails is a critical decision both when installing a track or a single rail.
The incorrect choice could have expensive consequences and create serious problems such as:

  • Slow down or shut down the production process;

  • Excessive and, or irregular wear of the rails;

  • Damage to the mechanical components of the crane;

  • Damage to the supporting base;

  • Damage to the fastening systems.

Valex clips have been tested and developed building on the experience and expertise, , accumulated over more than 100 years of activity by VALENTE SPA.

Valex clips offer a vast selection of alternative options, which enables our clients to manage projects in the most cost effective and efficient way in every situation.
There are two main types of clips:

  • For direct fixing no welding required

  • For indirect fixing with base to be welded
  • Elastic fixing , with rubber nose, or non-elastic, all steel clips

The choice of the type of clip is based:

  • The type of installation selected

  • The base on which rails are going to be installed

  • The technical performance required

  • The environment where the crane operates

Valex clips  have been specifically engineered for crane rails, however, they could also be used with very positive result for fastening train and light rails.

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VALEX 100460VALEX 1004
VALEX 301665VALEX 3016
VALEX 311690VALEX 3116
VALEX 501670VALEX 5016
VALEX 5020140VALEX 5020
VALEX 5024190VALEX 5024
VALEX 5116165VALEX 5116
VALEX 5120250VALEX 5120
VALEX 5124300VALEX 5124
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