Thanks to the experience and know-how accumulated over more than 100 years in business, VALENTE S.p.A. offers a complete selection of accessories, especially for rolling stock, couplers of various types, axles, wheels, bogies and brake blocks.

All our accessories are subject to strict quality control to ensure high performance and long service life.

Men riding cars

The men riding cars are engineered with capacities and sizes according to the specifications of the client and with or without pneumatic braking system.


Turntables are devices designed to facilitate the rotation and positioning of vehicles and structures of all kinds, especially in confined spaces. They can be fixed or mobile, with load capacities according to specific needs. They are used in a wide variety of sectors, such as logistics, warehouses, and industrial plants, improving the efficiency of handling operations.


It is a very simple and easy-to-use device that allows a locomotive, with a blocked axle, to resume its journey without having to wait for the intervention of a lifting vehicle to replace the blocked axle. It is versatile and adaptable to practically any type of axle, offering an efficient and safe solution for railway rescue operations, minimizing time, recovery costs and the risk of damage.

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