Rails with a weight from kg.7/ to kg.30/mt. are generally classified as Light (Dacauville) rails, they could also be used as crane rails for specific and less demanding installations.

Light rails are mainly usede in idustries, Tunneling and Mining for basic tracks.

The Technical Cards cover most type of available light rails rolled according to DIN, ASCE and JIS standards.

Certificate of Analysis and supporting technical documentation are available, on request, for all new rails, to allow a certified selection

Furthermore, Valente offers a service of foremost value, all rails could be supplied in different lengths and with all possible types of machining:

  • Vertical cuts

  • Section cuts

  • Bendings

  • Drillings

  • On demand shaping

Please select and print the Technical Card of your interest.

Please contact VALENTE S.p.A. if you do not find the type of rail are you looking for.

Railway rails
RAIL TYPEA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)Weight (Kg/m)Click to Download pdf
RAIL S 72565506,75RAIL S 7
RAIL S 1032705810RAIL S 10
RAIL S 1438807014RAIL S 14
RAIL Vignole 1542846615,15RAIL Vignole 15
RAIL S 1843938218,3RAIL S 18
RAIL S 20441008219,8RAIL S 20
RAIL S 24531159024,43RAIL S 24
RAIL 25 kg/m501159025RAIL 25 kg/m
RAIL S 26 - 26 afnor - Vignole 265011010026,27RAIL S 26 - 26 afnor - Vignole 26
RAIL 27 E1 - 27 UNI- 27 kg/m501209527,06RAIL 27 E1 - 27 UNI- 27 kg/m
RAIL 30 AFNOR - Vignole 3056125,510629,98RAIL 30 AFNOR - Vignole 30
RAIL 30 E1 - S 30 - ASCE 60 - JIS 3060,310810830,13RAIL 30 E1 - S 30 - ASCE 60 - JIS 30
RAIL JIS 1238,169,869,812,2RAIL JIS 12
RAIL JIS 15 - ASCE 3042,979,479,415,2RAIL JIS 15 - ASCE 30
RAIL JIS 22 - AS 2250,893,793,722,9RAIL JIS 22 - AS 22
RAIL ASCE 4047,688,988,919,84RAIL ASCE 40
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