The use of artificial intelligence makes possible to develop models and increasingly sophisticated algorithms to determine the most appropriate type of rail and fastening systems for cranes and for every type of lifting equipment and, at the same time, offering several advantages with regard to ESG, (Environment, Social, Governance) parameters:

  1. Environmental Sustainability: The adoption of an AI-based algorithm can help optimize the use of resources, for example by reducing material waste or minimizing environmental impact during the production and installation of cranes and lifting equipment in general, helping VALENTE S.p.A. to reduce the use of non-renewable resources and promote more sustainable practices.
  2. Energy Efficiency: AI can help identify more energy-efficient solutions, enabling better resources management and reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with crane operations, contributing to climate change mitigation and the transition to a low-carbon economy.
  3. Health and safety: Using data analytics and machine learning, AI-based algorithm can help improve workplace safety. By identifying crane characteristics and installation specifications AI provides recommendations to ensure proper installation and reduction of accidents or malfunctions risks.
  4. Social Responsibility: The adoption of innovative technologies such as AI emphasizes VALENTE S.p.A. commitment to responsible innovation and leadership in the industrial construction sector and determination to be at the forefront of implementing solutions that promote people’s well-being, workplace safety, and environmental protection.
  5. Corporate governance: The adoption of AI-based algorithms requires proper governance and transparency in data management. VALENTE S.p.A. ensures that the use of data is ethical and respects the privacy of the people involved. Furthermore VALENTE S.p.A. is committed to clear and transparent communications regarding the methodology used, the results obtained, and the data security policies adopted.

It is to achieve these goals that VALENTE has undertaken, with the assistance of the POLITECNICO of Milan, the development of models and algorithms based on the use of AI