For all type of manufacturing, commercial, logistic companies, availability of reliable handling and lifting systems are fundamental and functional for the economics of the production process.

Basic components of all lifting systems are rails and the specific fastening systems, clips, pads, base plate, sole plate, foundation bolts and the like.

VALENTE S.pA., besides having available all types of rails, which could be required, crane rails, Burbach, MRS, CR, KP, has developed specific types of fastening systems for different types of industries:

  • Heavy industries where working conditions, considering the environment and the high temperatures which could be reached, could be particularly demanding

  • Mechanical and Engineering where robots’ activities require extreme reliability and where mistakes could have devastating consequences

  • Garbage treatment plants, which require systems able to stand an exacting environment

  • Commercial and logistic companies demanding creativity and vision to develop the most flexible and reliable systems

  • Automated warehouse