VALEX 2020

clip Valex 2020
clip Valex 2020

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• Elastic fastening system for rails with or without pad.
• Elastomer nose increases rail-support structure tolerances, reduces connections stress, allows better rail fixing.

• Clip with vulcanized rubber nose.
• Special washer

Developed for crane rails, VALEX 2020 indirect fastening system is used, with excellent results, also with train and light rails. A very rugged, reliable, contained dimensions fastening system, used with any type of crane independently of driving system.

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The selection of a fastening system is a critical, important decision both when placing a track or a single rail. The wrong selection could have expensive consequences and create serious problems such as:
• Slow down or shut down of the production process.
• Excessive and, or irregular wear of rails.
• Damage of mechanical components of crane.
• Damage to supporting base.
• Damage to fastening system.

VALEX fastening systems have been developed building on the experience accumulated over more than 100 years of activity
VALENTE fastening systems offer an unlimited selection of alternatives, which perform in the most effective and efficient way in every situation.

• Place clip facing the rail according to the drawing at the distance indicated in the technical card.
• Insert screw and special washer.
• Proceed to a light tightening.
• Control line up of the rail.
• Complete tightening
• Lateral adjustment 15 mm
• Side load 110 kN
• Torque tightening 320 Nm
• Bolt M20 8.8 gr – NOT INCLUDED
• Steel quality S355JR


System can be used with more rail types than those listed, complete range of the usable rails available on request.
Products and specifications are subject to change without previous notice.