Valex epoxy grout is a 3 component epoxy resin with reduced shrinkage.
Its main advantages are:
  • High early strengths

  • Low resin crystallization temperature

  • Excellent flow characteristics

  • Easy cleaning of tools

It is suggested for use when:
  • A non-shrink, chemical resistant, high-strength, grout is required

Typical applications are where high performance is required such as:
  • Ports

  • Shipyards

  • Crushers

  • Paper machinery

  • Refineries

Valex Concrete Grout is a shrinkage- compensating cementitious construction grout, its main advantages are:
  • Low creep characteristics under static loads

  • Resistance to repetitive dynamic loads

  • Complete surface contact and perfect bond

  • Compression after 28 days 90 N/mmq

It is suggested for use:
  • With heavy static and dynamic loads

  • Especially with heavy crane rail applications

  • In high temperature environments

  • For grouting of gaps from 30 mm. to 60 mm