Since 1919 VALENTE SPA operates in the fields of railway equipment, handling on rail, tunnelling and mining equipment and special steel structures.

In the railway field, VALENTE SPA besides engineering and manufacturing every type of switch and turnout, markets, machines and sells every type of railway rail and related fixing system.

In the field of handling on rail, besides machining and marketing crane rails, MRS, CR, light rails, steel wheels, axles and special components,VALENTE SPA offers an extremely large selection of fixing systems and related accessories, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, like clips with rubber nose, steel and textile pads, chairplates, anchorage bolts, and so on.

All the fixing systems have been developed with and tested by the Politecnico of Milan. In the tunnelling and mining field, VALENTE SPA has reached a total leadership. VALENTE SPA muck cars, special cars, tippers, mixers, Back-Ups, switches, Californian Switches, Diesel and electric locos are world-wide known and used for the most challenging projects. VALENTE SPA also continues its traditional production of turntables and special steel structures where it has developed an unique know-how.

With the experience accumulated by its Technical Department, VALENTE SPA is able to solve the problems of its clients and always offering new and original solutions.

Finally, the constant search for excellence of VALENTE SPA has been also formally recognized with the awarding of the ISO 9001:2008 Standard.